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-オンライン or 弊社オフィス(代官山)

-所要時間 約30~60分 

-服装 自由


■Enjin株式会社について(参照URL: https://company.enjin.world/)

Enjin Inc.は、全世界の「日本ファン(=親日・知日派人材)プラットフォーム」を目指しています。


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Enjin “Alumni and Alumnae Interview Campaign”


Enjin, Inc. provides various support for international students both in Japan and abroad.

One of the services we provide is job hunting and career support, to which we currently have about 600 international students registered. Due to the spread of Coronavirus in recent years, it has become even more difficult for international students to find jobs.

In order to give hope to younger international students who wish to start a career in Japan, we will be conducting interviews with alumni who are active in Japanese companies about their careers and job hunting.


■Campaign Name

Enjin Inc. “Alumni and Alumnae Interview” Campaign 

■Campaign period 

January 10, 2022 (Monday) – February 28, 2022 (Monday)

■Campaign Overview

For this campaign, we will interview foreign nationals who are working in Japan (regardless of whether they work for Japanese or foreign companies) about their current jobs, future careers, and their job hunting experiences. This is a great opportunity for current international students to learn about alumni who are active in Japan. We would like you to become a role model for those who are currently trying to build their careers in Japan.

■Prerequisite to be Interviewed

  • Graduate of four-year Japanese university or higher level degree(Masters, Doctor)
  • Working in a company (regardless of whether it is a Japanese or foreign company)
  • Can speak Japanese or English
  • Within 3 years of joining the company
  • Able to be photographed (showing of the face will be discussed later on)

■How to apply

▼Click below

クリック|カーソル - アイコン|イラスト|フリー素材|背景透明


■Number of applicants

15 people

■Announcement of lottery results

If there are too many entries, we will hold a lottery.

Winners will be notified to the e-mail address they have registered with.

■How we will conduct the interview

– Online or at our office (Daikanyama)

– Time required: 30-60 minutes 

– No dress code

■Token of Appreciation

Gift certificate worth 3000 yen


■About Enjin Inc (Reference URL: https://company.enjin.world/)

Enjin Inc. aims to be the world’s “Japaling (= people who have an interest or love for Japan) Platform”.

In the career business, Enjin Inc. provides career support to Japalings in China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc., through its strong network of universities and government agencies around the world, from foreign students in Japan to working adults and Japanese language learners overseas.

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