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2 Days(4/2-4/3) Walk-in Interview / Net Protections, Inc.

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A leading IT and payment company that has created a new system of “deferred payment”, aiming to “create the next “atari-mae” through teal organization and FinTech, will hold a company information session!

* “atari-mae” means “Everyone knows that”, “Common sense” …etc. in Japanese
* “Fin Tech” is a coined word combining “Finance” and “Technology”.

Hosted Company Net Protections, Inc.
Date and Time 2 days event
April 2nd (Fri.) in 2021  9:30 – 18:00 (company briefing and first interview)
April 3rd (Sat.) in 2021  10:00 – 18:00 (Second interview)
Place Online (We will use zoom)
Target International students who will graduate in September 2021 or March 2022 and meet the following criteria

(1) Skill: English-speaking
(2) Educational background: 4 year university graduates or above (enrolled in a Japanese university) *Graduate students are welcome
(3) Japanese language skills: Preferably already have, but it is OK if you don’t (assuming you can acquire Japanese after joining the company)

Entry form: 19items(basic information)+Entry sheet(1200~1400 characters)+ Motivation graph

Outline of Net Protections, Inc.

Net Protections Inc. started in 2000 with the mainstay of “NP Postpaid”, a postpaid settlement service that was said to be difficult to achieve in the world of online shopping.

Right now, the service is used by one person every second in Japan, about 30 million people a year, and more than 100 million users in total. Since then, it has aggressively expanded its business domain by launching the business-to-business settlement service “NP Kakebarai” and the cardless smartphone settlement service “atone”.
*Kakebarai : advance payment on behalf of a third party (with expectation that it will be reimbursed)

As a pioneer in “Credit Tech,” a business field that uses technology to create new credit information and make credit more precise, the company is developing its business to facilitate all kinds of business transactions.
*Credit Tech is a term coined from the words “credit” and “technology”.

Trade name Net Protections, Inc.
Business -NP Postpaid – Postpaid Settlement Service for Mail Order Services
-NP Postpaid air – Postpaid payment service for B to C services
-NP Kakebarai – Postpaid payment service for B to B and business to business
-atone – Membership-based payment service for individuals
-AFTEE – Membership payment service for Taiwan
Establishment January, 2020
Capital stock 100 million Japanese yen
Number of employees 310 employees, including 19 non-Japanese employees (as of April 1, 2020)
 CEO Shin Shibata
Office Head Office
Sumitomo Fudosan Kojimachi First Building 5F, 4-2-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Kansai Office
3F Yasaka Shijo Karasuma Building, 79 Kako-yoko-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

Fukuoka Office
6F ACROS Fukuoka, 1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

Taiwan Office
1, 11th Floor, No.200, Section 1, Keelung Road, Taipei, Taiwan


Strengths of Net Protections, Inc.

Big data in the payment business that the company owns has been operated for 20 years.

Net Protections Inc. have more than 100 million payment and purchase data accumulated through the operation of “NP Postpaid”, “atone” and other services. This is unique data that only Net Protections possesses, and it is distinct from existing credit information. By using this data, the company is able to create new businesses in new business areas, and any employee can raise their hand and take on the challenge.

There is unique credit big data that can’t be found anywhere else, and the expanding area is infinite. And the opportunities to create businesses using this unique data are available to everyone. This is the greatest strength of Net Protections’ business.

To be a flat organization – Internal systems created by ourselves

Net Protections Inc. believe that an environment in which all employees can work with vitality and ease will maximize the productivity of each individual, which in turn will lead to individual growth and ultimately to the growth of the company.

In addition, the internal systems are flat and fair, and aim to create internal systems that are conceived by everyone, rather than by a few employees.

For example, the company have the 360-degree evaluation system, which aims for a multifaceted evaluation system with no distortions, and the working group system, which allows each individual to raise their hand and take on the challenge of a task that they feel passionate about in 20% of the work time, while maintaining the main task.

Environment where anyone can grow

There is absolutely no difference in job opportunities or evaluations between men and women, and opportunities are equal.

For example, depending on your achievements and motivation for things, you may be assigned as a manager with growth expectations as early as your second year. At Net Protections Inc., everyone’s thoughts and feelings at work are respected, so the manager’s task is to facilitate the thoughts and feelings of the members rather than pulling them along.

In addition, all employees regularly submit their career visions in the form of “vision sheets,” which are shared with the rest of the company and are actively reflected in any transfers. As a result, some employees are able to take on the challenge of a different work field and broaden their horizons.

Active foreign human resources

Net Protections, Inc. is active in accepting human resources from overseas, and many foreigners are active.

Selection Process

(1) Watch the video shared by the company (required for entrants)
(2) Create an entry sheet (to be included in the application form)
(3) Create a motivation graph (attached to the application form)
(4) Create a motivation graph (attach it to the application form)
(5) Input the entry sheet and motivation graph into the application form (Application deadline: Sunday, March 21, 20:00)

The following is a detailed description of the selection process. Before filling out the application form, please complete the entry sheet questions and motivation graph.

Online Information Session Video
*Applicants must watch the video shared by the company

About the application form

The main recruitment criteria are the following items.

Logicality: Are you able to write with logic?
Thinking horizontally: Can you think from a wide range of perspectives?
Essence orientation: Do you have an attitude of trying to find the essence of things?

The contents of the company application form may be more unique than those of other companies. It’s more like an essay for a university AO exam than something you write for job hunting. Why do Net Protections Inc. do this? Because the company places the importance on “thinking. The company would like to work with people who enjoy thinking about things that have no right or wrong answer.

If you value thinking, it is difficult to be identified only by school achievements. Even if you haven’t had any particularly unusual experiences, you can still “think” in the most casual of ways!

“Why does a watch tick off one second without deviation?”
“Why can’t we operate a smartphone with gloves on?”

Net Protection Inc. don’t want to judge you only by what you have experienced in the past, rather, the company wants to value how you “think” and what kind of mind you have and what you find fun in. The company is not looking for the right answer, so feel free to enjoy writing whatever you want.
※You can write in Japanese or English.

There are three different entry types for each character of thinking. Choose according to your personality and orientation. Selection processes from now on and hiring occupations will not change. You can demonstrate your strength points.

Character Options

Please choose one of the following three characters. The questions will be different depending on the character you choose. These questions will be the ones that you will be asked to fill in on the application form at the end.

1 – Philosopher (likes to think about essential things, asks questions in the first place)
2 – Facilitator (breaks down elements and builds logic, notices contradictions)
3 – Supporter (Facing others and maximizing team results, followership)

1 – If you chose Philosopher (likes to think about essential things, asks questions in the first place)

1-1.Why do people think an object is beautiful? (Please write logically within 600 characters/at least 540 characters)

1-2.Please describe the essential viewpoints and ways of thinking that you have seen, heard, experienced, and found out that you want others to know. Organize and logically describe the information so that it can be communicated to others as to why you found it interesting. (Within 600 characters/at least 540 characters)

2 – If you choose Facilitator (decomposing elements, constructing logic, noticing contradictions)

2-1.Do you think your child should have a smartphone early to live a happy life? Organize and logically describe your claim so that others can understand it. (Within 800 characters/at least 720 characters)

2-2.Please describe the essential viewpoints and ways of thinking that you have seen, heard, experienced, and found out that you want others to know. Organize and logically describe the information so that it can be communicated to others as to why you found it interesting. (Within 600 characters / at least 540 characters)

3 – If you choose Supporter (Facing others and maximizing the team’s performance, followership)

3-1.Have you ever confronted others while coordinating interests with multiple members with different values? What did you devise in your own behavior in a difficult situation? Please organize and logically describe the information including background information so that your ingenuity can be transmitted to others. (Within 600 characters / at least 540)

3-2.What are the experiences and events that moved your heart the most? Why did your heart move? Organize and logically describe the information so that others can understand why you were moved.
(Within 600 characters / at least 540 characters)

※Word counter:

About motivation graph

To apply for this event, you will need to submit a motivation graph.

■About “Motivation Graph”
“Motivation Graph” is a test form, here is a type of explanation.
Vertical axis: Motivation (-100~+100)
Horizontal axis: Time (From elementary school to present)
Write down the events that occurred between your childhood and the present in order,
Write about the ups and downs of your motivation. Think about why you were motivated and why you may still be or may not be motivated anymore on the timeline. After that, identify your motivational and behavioral characteristics.

1) Create a motivation graph

Write down the events that occurred between your childhood and the present in order, and make a graph of the changes in your motivation.

2) Digging deeper into the episode

  • Remember the details of the situation when there was a fluctuation in motivation.
  • External factors (changes in the environment, people around you, etc.)
  • Your own emotions (how you felt about the event)
  • Your actions (how you responded to the event)
  • What you have learned and gained

3) Look for similarities in each episode

Look for commonalities between factors that increased motivation and factors that decreased motivation.

The commonality of these motivational factors will be the source of your motivation.

The motivation graph template can be downloaded from the following URL

Once you have completed the motivation graph, please fill out the application form.

Application form

After viewing the YouTube video, creating an entry sheet (questions) and a motivation graph, please enter your information at the following URL and submit your entry.